About Us




Our broad range of capabilities and technical expertise enable us to undertake a variety of activities to facilitate transportation, living, working and communication.

Our portfolio comprises a wide range of services covering:


Civil engineering and infrastructure development have always been the essence of our business. Our standards of quality, safety and technical expertise and our promise of competitive pricing and on time delivery along with a commitment to sustainability have enabled us to assume a leading position in the field of construction. We have delivered innovative solutions in complex construction environments and we will continue to enhance our capabilities and resources to meet the challenging demands of the construction market.

Our construction projects include industrial, commercial and residential buildings, highways and highway structure, water supply and sewage pipelines, pumping stations in addition to construction services in the energy sector.


We offer our clients with both construction only and design & construction services for building projects. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, we go beyond traditional building construction. As a leading contractor, we utilize the most modern methods of building construction and deliver innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectation.

Commercial Centers

Clients in local and regional markets value and acknowledge our professionalism and experience in the management, design and construction of various commercial properties. We have experience in the design and construction of Hotels, Shopping Malls and Sport centers.


Our extensive experience in construction of schools and university campuses across the region has enabled us to have a clear understanding of this sector’s unique requirements. We are capable of providing innovative construction solutions to serve the needs of schools, colleges, universities and student accommodation.


We have extensive experience in the design and construction of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. We offer timely and cost-effective solutions that meet a broad range of construction specifications including first-class operation theatres, intensive care units and consultation wards. In all healthcare projects, we work in close partnership with our customers, medical staff, and end-users. Adhering to their requirements including minimal noise disruptions and continued traffic flow during construction of hospital extensions, we work hard to realize our client’s vision.

Residential Complexes

Early contractor involvement in the design and build process, and improved communication with clients and subcontractors enable us to deliver projects within budget and in timely manner. With strict adherence to quality process, professional management and use of latest materials and techniques, we ensure delivering innovative and sustainable housing solutions.

Highways and Highway Structure

Highway projects have been a prime area of our activity. We offer fully integrated highway construction services, inclusive of drainage, electrical, and communication networks. Our early involvement in highway projects enables us to minimize costs and environmental impacts associated with construction of highways and highway infrastructure.

Our experienced workforce along with our wholly owned and operated construction plants, support long-term management, maintenance and repair services of road networks and highways.

Water Supply

We are experienced in construction of new pipelines and the renovation of existing systems. Our expertise extends to all disciplines required for major transmission pipeline projects including civil, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering. With unrivaled technical expertise and specialized equipment for micro-tunneling procedures, we have the capability to install pipeline systems while leaving above ground infrastructure undisturbed. We offer specialized services utilizing the latest technology for the construction of underground and elevated reservoirs to meet the demands of an ever-increasing need for water supply.

Storm-Water and Sewerage Pipelines

We have the capability to construct, operate and maintain sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and pipelines. Our expertise extends to the design and installation of sewer networks utilizing both microtunneling and open excavation procedures for underground storm and drainage pipe installation. Additionally, we have extensive experience in construction and installation of storm water culverts, sewerage pipelines, large diameter ductile iron and HDPE pipelines.

Construction Materials

To bring more value to our clients we complement our services by supplying a wide range of construction materials.

Complementing our services with competitively priced and highest quality materials such as Asphalt and Concrete has been a key factor in our success.

Our wholly owned and operated concrete and asphalt batching plants along with an extensive fleet of concrete pumps, trucks and compactors serve and complement our construction activities.

We recognize the importance and the need for efficiency and competitiveness in our industry; we therefore, continue to optimize use of new materials and up-to-date technologies in order to cater for the ever-changing construction market.

We strive to provide highest quality construction materials as benchmarked against world’s best practices and standards. Materials produced undergo a strict process of inspection and testing in accordance with our policy of quality control, and adherence to the strictest quality requirements of our clients.

We will continue to offer our clients with competitively priced, efficient, environmentally responsible, technically competent and performance proven construction materials.


Recognizing the ever-increasing demands of the expanding energy sector, we have embraced the opportunity to surge forward into this market with the intention of providing highly differentiated portfolio of products and services. We offer services for supply of fabricated products, maintenance, transportation and other procurement requirements. We have resources to undertake major supply projects and fulfill the requirements of demanding projects for regional clients.