Mission & Vision



Through creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and the society, we aim to be the region’s leading engineering and general contracting company.

We will realize our vision by honoring:

Our People

We strive to create a safe, fair, ethical and rewarding environment that encourages openness, trust, promptness and commitment to excellence. We will continue to attract and maintain talent and create opportunities for sustained growth, development and success.

Our Customers

We promise to deliver value through unrivaled speed, quality and price to create long-term sustained relationships.

Our Shareholders

We will continue to work hard to achieve sustained growth and make a fair return for our share holders.

Our Environment and Society

By limiting environmental impact and contributing to civic development, we will remain a positive contributor to our society and environment.


In achieving our goals, we will continue building on a family heritage that spans more than 50 years, and continue to be guided by our firmly held values.


We highly value integrity of the company and our employees. We comply with laws and regulations in the communities where we do business, and adhere to the guidelines of our Code of Conduct.


We believe that trust is a key requirement to build a long-term relationship. Thus, since company inception, we held ourselves to the highest ethical standards and worked in ways that earned us the trust of customers, employees and the society as a whole.


Transparency and openness promote the participation and involvement of all stakeholders. We have built a culture that values and promotes open communication and idea sharing.


We realize excellence through rigorous management of our business. We will continue to work hard to conform to highest quality, safety and environmental standards and achieve word-class performance.


We reward innovative thinking.

We will continue to push the boundaries and explore new methods to enhance construction practices, and deliver projects faster in a better way at competitive prices.

Value for Customers

Our relationships with our customers are built on collaboration, trust and open communication. This brings us closer to them and enables us to ensure delivery of value with unrivaled quality, on time and within budget.

Cultural Diversity

Our policies promote a fair and respectful treatment of all employees regardless of creed, disability, gender, nationality, race or religion.

We believe that diversity of cultures, ideas and experiences gives us better opportunities to learn and be more productive.